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47 and Antihistamines

While it is not advisable to write your blog while drunk, let me begin that I am NOT. But no one said don't write blogs with a runny nose, watery eyes and loads of antihistamine that makes you so drowsy.

I'm not drugged, I just turned 47 today with a bad case of allergies. A long winter, short spring and upcoming extremely hot summer does that to you especially when pollen and viruses mutate.

My first born son

My day started at 6:30am with a viber call from my son. "Happy Birthday Mom!" I was drowsy, lacked sleep, sore throat (still is as I write this) and body soooo in pain (I know, you get it by now).  But a Mama is a Mama and we don't usually want our kids to hear or see us suffering, so I tried to sound perky and all awake and up and about but this young man knew 8,000 miles away. "Mom, your voice is not okay, are you sick?" Mind you, this is despite me, smiling while speaking to him on the phone.

So, long explanation and more chatting.... He doesn't have a girlfriend, loves his job and just bought Scandinavian furniture as it is his "thing" nowadays. And that gasoline is now $90 for a full tank in the Philippines.... OMG!

This boy is a mother's dream. He pride's himself for being an athletic scholar and has only paid $1.50 for his tuition fee. 

Best Kids Ever

If you are a Mama like me, having one child that is exceptional is happiness, having not two but three (eldest daughter, 27 years old not in photo). I am proud of them like you won't believe.  They are a piece of who I am and sometimes, you just stare and say, there I am... in a really good way. 

A few minutes after I hung up with my son, the sister called to greet me.  She has spent the last couple of months helping me out and sacrificed leaving her own family to keep me company and look after Hermés from time to time.

I have the best sister in the world - plus she is the only sister I have.  LOL

My person

however, the very first person that actually greeted me was Hermés god mother. In Grey's Anatomy's words: She is my person. This is one person I trust with my life, my bank account, my pre-nup and my child.  She greeted me on the 24th, which is the 25th in Manila.  I love her to pieces. You won't really see much of her here because she's a ninja! 

Alas! I woke up my husband in the midst of all my chatting with a hoarse voice in between sneezes and coughing.  "Happy Birthday my hunny pie" he said. I turned to my right and looked at my gorgeous husband. What a way to wake up in the morning! HUBBA HUBBA!

Not everyone is given second chances in life and love, but to be found by this man was really something. Tough, with lots of luggage (LOL) but still special.  When I tell you he takes care of my son more days than I have, I mean it. He is patient and very tolerant. He is a good father and that means a lot to me.  

But that's not the only reason I have to thank for for today. 

As i was already awake, I go to my office first and see what I need to take to the bake shoppe. Yes, its my new office.  We have since moved into a new home. It has everything we wished for and more. We are blessed and could not be any more thankful to the universe.

My Current favorite spot of the house where I hang out.  The Asian Tea Room. It showcases a few of my Buddha collections and tea pots and tea sets. The katanas hanging on the left is what I will use to chop off any intruder. It can chop off a head in one stroke. No joke.

Our backyard surrounded with peonies - our wedding flower. (Allergen alert!)

My Akihiro Hermés

As my son awoke, I stare at him with so much joy and appreciation. He is a bubbly, healthy boy whose name becomes him. Akihiro means bright scholar while Hermés means messenger of the Gods, the son of  Zeus who always plays tricks on humans.  This little joker would lock me in my closet and have this expression on his face as if asking "mama are you there?" and giggle on his tippy toes. He is the sunshine to our life.

My coco banana. My ten year old fur baby gave me a scare a week ago.  She was very ill and needed to be rushed to surgery.  From 11 lbs.  she is now only 5 lbs. She was diagnosed with Pyometra and prognosis was not very good unless she undergoes surgery.

If that wasn't traumatic enough, they found a tumor in her mammary glad but could not be removed while they were in because she was too weak.  We are very thankful to the doctors at Associated Veterinary Specialists who took such good care of her. I am so happy to let you know she is doing well and started ignoring Hermés again. As a matter of fact, she also received flowers from DRAKE, one of my customer's Belgian Malinois.  Sweetest thing ever for someone to do. 

I used to be embarrassed to talk about how it is to have a fortunate life.  I always worried what people would think (or if they even ever believed it. LOL) how my life has been. It used to seem like a liability when you talk about how grateful you are. When I was younger and very much shielded from the realities of life, I thought everyone had a waterfall in their house with chandeliers in every room.  

That every household has 5 maids, drivers and gardeners. 

I thought all politicians and important people always visit houses and have dinners and afternoon teas and brunches were a normal thing. And travelling across the world to explore was what most people do to keep world peace. Most people thought it was difficult to impress or please me. Not realizing that the simplest things are the most that I cherish.

Until I got older, the harsh realities of life stunned me to the very core.  And I may not still get used to it as I believe that kindness and mindfulness is still key. I'm not sure how life would be if I even live that way. Overly guarded and cynical.

The last five years was really trying. Permanently living in one country where I am not a citizen, I know no one, no family members, no more career managing several countries or travelling every month like I was just going down town.  Here, I have seen and experienced how evil and scheming and abusive some people can be., first hand.  And that was such a huge turnoff for me in humanity. From then on, I learned to be more discerning and selective of people I surround my self with.

Surround your self with positivity

As challenging as the last four years have been, I have consciously surrounded my self with positive people.  When I opened the bakeshop, my husband told me to do something I love and not worry if it would make money or not (but of course I would - and should!).  

We quietly opened La Patisserie in the heart of Florissant.  Many people questioned why but my answer was always why not. They always associated North County as the Hood. But mind you, some of the richest people in Missouri live here.  They have a modest home but money in the bank. Numbers never lie.

It took me a year to do my business plan, and 6 months to open.  a hundred thousand dollars later, voila! 

We opened the store quietly as I did not want a hype.  I always had this mindset that the reason why Lamborghini and Porsche don't have advertisements is because the people that buy them don't sit in front of the television.  They don't have the time. But they do know where to go. Mind you, as big as our house was growing up, we had only one television and that was in our parents bedroom. TV watching was only every Saturdays and holidays.  Highschool, no TV. College, No TV.  I only experienced having a 32 inch when I was 24 years old. Yup! Ripley's believe it or not.  BUT, we traveled the world and had brunches and afternoon teas in every country we get to. That was our normal.  Thus is my goal and then for the bakeshop.  SHARE! I can't take everyone to places I have been as it is still in my list to be able to show my husband these place. But the least I could do is share with you the food, the ambiance and the service.  From where we come from, customers are always treated like royalty. Imagine my shock when I go to the McDonald's here and I get the feeling that I am doing them a favor by being a customer. Whew!

So having my own place of work gave me the opportunity to see the best people ever.  I don't care where they are from, their skin color or what their job is, they are treated with the most basic human value of dignity and respect.  

So I thought today would just be another ordinary day. With these terrible colds and allergies, and cough, I basically let the team lead the day.  They are fabulous and I cannot ask for better people to work with.  As they say, you are only as good as the people you work with.  Voila! I now have a head baker, a decorator and a customer service Mademoiselle. And on top of that, My sister is around! 

AT exactly 3pm, Jessica, our customer service mademoiselle pointed out to the balloons by the cash register: These are so nice! she said. Huh? I didn't even notice it! (Drugs... Not the narcotic kind lol) in between watery eyes, my husband came in with my son holding several bags of goodies! he prepared spaghetti and meatballs, got some chicken wings and ofcourse, rice from New York Grill. The balloons came from my neighbor at Heartfilled Creations. And after a while, here comes Angela! Waaaaahh I wanted to cry. My beloved customer and neighbor from Wildbirds Unlimited and I get my very very first hummingbird feeder! I was so excited when I got home that I immediately placed it on our deck. And guess what, I also had my very first Ice Cream cake from coldstone courtesy of my head baker, Liezel who works there part time too.  It was interesting I must say. but it was good. My sister arranged for a surprise for me before she left for Florida and New Orleans. Love!

Tomorrow will be another day and I will be starting my life as a 47 year old. Life is good. I cannot complain. Thank you Florissant, you are now my home.  Thank you St. Louis, to all the people that travel far for brunch and afternoon tea. Thank you Missouri, but no thank you to the allergies you always give me. 

Good night world, hello benadryl!Zzzzzzzzzzzz Mercibeaucoup!

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