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53 Questions with The Fire Chief

He turned 53 this year. And he is still as handsome as the day I met him.  Okay, okay, maybe plus a few pounds heavier. I promise you he is working on it.  But his smile, his demeanor (and temperament! LOL!) is still the same. Having a baby showed me that as brusque as he is, can be oh so very gentle with a marshmallow heart when it comes to children, not just our own.  Something I share with him as a child advocate and a parent. Much as we have many differences, there are many common things I realize through time that we are alike in many ways.

So as a tribute, I interviewed my own husband and asked him 53 random questions, most of which I don't even know the answer.  Sometimes, asking the simplest questions allows us to get to know someone a little better everyday.

How about you? What have you asked your husband lately? 

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