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January 05, 2020

Welcome 2020! We would like to begin the year with peace, love and prosperity. As we are busy getting ready for our new location, I would like to share a little bit of our inspiration and spacial spaces at home that ignites creativity and fuels our passion. Enjoy and have a fabulous year ahead!

September 12, 2019

You were my baby, my companion, my best friend. You were there during my saddest days and happiest moments.

No matter what life threw at me, you were there. Every morning waiting for me to wake up. And at night keeping me company even though it’s already wee hours of the morning if I couldn’t sleep.

April 01, 2019

Upon opening the double doors, expect a Japanese style heavy drape. A dramatic effect that transports you into a different space as you part the drapes with both hands (or maybe that was just me and my appreciation to detail).

We were immediately greeted by one of the staff and even gave us seating options. I preferred by the wall where the chair was an old church pew.

The high ceilings were fabulous and every detail of the restaurant was well thought of from table setting to the color harmony.

October 01, 2018

As far as I could remember, Art has always been a part of my life. At an early age of 10, my father sent me to an exclusive art class with a master painter. Then by the time I was 12 years old, I was already doing large scale artworks. I was always encouraged to create anything my heart desired. Learning art at a young age opened my doors to a better appreciation of not only colors but as well as architecture, construction but even fashion and culinary. Travelling the world also gave me a much broader perspective and respect to artists in every field. It always amazes me how a piece of art, right there in front of me was created, the materials, the techniques that were used, and the time, the time that was put into this fabulous art work.

May 26, 2018

My day started at 6:30am with a viber call from my son. "Happy Birthday Mom!" I was drowsy, lacked sleep, sore throat (still is as I write this) and body soooo in pain (I know, you get it by now). But a Mama is a Mama and we don't usually want our kids to hear or see us suffering, so I tried to sound perky and all awake and up and about but this young man knew 8,000 miles away. "Mom, your voice is not okay, are you sick?" Mind you, this is despite me, smiling while speaking to him on the phone.

January 23, 2017


Before I got married in 2013, the last country I came to visit was Thailand. Yes, I go there almost every other year yet the country never ceases to amaze me. This will be my husband's first Eat Pray Love Adventure on our next trip to Asia. The only difference is, I'll be leaving him for 10 days to stay in the temple with the monks (Nope. We are not kidding) He wants to go on a Buddhist retreat and experience not speaking for 10 days (No worries, I will keep you posted when that happens - big grin. )

Let me give you a few of my reasons why and a few tips should you decide to visit the Kingdom of Thailand:

March 15, 2016

If only there was a simple answer to this question. There are so many factors that attribute to the cost of a cake that is “not mass produced”. Meaning, it was made specifically for you in mind based on your preferred flavor, design, colors, date of pickup or delivery, among other things. This post is meant to be light hearted and humorous – please keep that in mind.

March 15, 2016

As a tribute to his 53rd birthday, I interviewed my own husband and asked him 53 questions, most of which I don't even know the answer. Like that one time he had a bald spot and covered it with an eyebrow pencil. LOL  

Sometimes, asking the simplest questions allows us to get to know someone a little better everyday.

What have you asked your husband lately?

March 15, 2016

We went to court with my choice of lawyer. John Bouhasin. A seasoned criminal attorney and former criminal prosecutor. He widely representslaw enforcers in St. Louis, and the rich Italian mobs (just kidding!). And ultimately for me, he dresses well in his tailored suit. He was upfront and gave us the whole scenario. Just like how someone should represent you. Someone who understands what your objective is. I like that.

March 15, 2016

 If asked what chapter in this book I had difficulty writing, I would have to say this one.

Spanking is such a widely used form of punishment (read: not discipline but punishment). A lot of books have been written about the pros and cons of spanking. Most psychiatrists and psychologists explicitly state that no parent should ever spank a child. I believe it’s unrealistic to think this way.

March 09, 2016

Ken and I are grateful and feel truly blessed. Our journey to complete our family has been fulfilled. With a good medical team behind us, well-meaning family and friends who have relentlessly shown their support, we have been in a state of bliss for a while now.

Defying many obstacles, our son was born with a clean bill of health and has shown excellent progress in his cognitive and motor skills. Akihiro Hermés, our son, our a pride and joy.

January 05, 2016

 As you enter the main door, we set up our buddha bar. Many feng shui consultants recommend placing the Buddha opposite the main front door of a home on a table that is about thirty inches high. This location allows Buddha to interact with the chi energy entering your home. From this position, the statue can neutralize any negative chi, and transform it from damaging to very lucky energy.

July 06, 2016

 And so I turned 45 this year. I am fortunate to have lived a life filled with love from my family and friends. I was also always blessed to have a good job, traveled the world for business and leisure, entered contests (modelling, beauty pageant, art, essay writing – name it, I joined it all!) and won (and lost), children who are healthy, good human beings who love life as I do (and by that, I mean NEVER EVER gave me any long term headaches). I look at them and I see a piece of my soul and I could just cry any time. I know, I know, not everyone is built and born to be a Mom, a Mama. But what to do, I love being a mother.

So 45 years…. I look back at life and here are some of the things that I learned and unlearned and live by.

October 15,2016

October 13, 2016 – St. Louis police officer Blake Snyder was honored and laid to rest. He was fatally shot in the line of duty on October 6.

Coming from a family of law enforcers (both my brothers and their wives), my cousins, uncles, who have chosen a vocation to protect and serve, this was close to home for me. There can never be enough words to describe how it feels to lose someone in any manner or form.

September 22, 2016

Although this wasn’t my first time to attend Streetscape’s Romancing the Runway, it is however my first time to blog about it. Why? This year, there were no dead animals nor animal skin disguised as clothing or accessories parading the runway. There were also no fur being sold by the boutiques that evening.

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