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Pastaria in Clayton, Missouri

The hectic schedule of life happens and here we are, my husband and I are having our date at 3pm in clayton after running errands for the business and dropping off documents. Despite our tight schedules every day and the difference in our days off, we try to have couple time as much as we can. So we pick places to eat at random and see what the experience would be like. And today was the day we went to Pastaria in Clayton, located in 7734 Forsyth Blvd. in Clayton. We came in at about 2pm and there was available street parking. They also have valet during busy days for your convenience. Our server was Amber who was very knowledgeable with the menu. She made recommendations and what the specialty of the house was. She was also proud to share that the pastas are made fresh every day. She was also very attentive as to the timing of our order, water refill and if everything was doing okay. While we were still deciding, we were served with a slice of sourdough bread which they partner with St. Louis Bread Co. (sorry no photos, my husband and I ate it already before realizing I needed to snap a picture.) I placed a few spoons of olive oil and cheese on my bread plate and dipped pieces of my bread in it. So good.

High ceilings, italian feel

Upon opening the double doors, expect a Japanese style heavy drape. A dramatic effect that transports you into a different space and time as you part the drapes with both hands (or maybe that was just me and my appreciation to detail). We were immediately greeted by one of the staff and even gave us seating options. I preferred to sit by the wall where the chair was an old church pew. Wall art of daily life

The high ceilings were fabulous and every detail of the restaurant was well thought of from table setting to the color harmony

Drinking glasses are actually preserve jam jars, what a cute idea!

Our Order Husband and I both ordered half a pizza and a salad. The food came within 10 minutes. The radicchio and arugula salad was amazing! It had the right acidity, saltiness from the feta cheese and sweetness from the blood orange. It also had numerous textures and flavor from the nuttiness of the arugula, the crunchiness of the radicchio and sliced almonds as an interesting merriment of flavor.

Lunch Pizza/ Salad The pizza seemed like a round flat bread and was a bit charred on some of its edges. Not quite sure if it was how it was really served. However, it had the perfect amount of cheese and pepperoni and was not oily nor soggy.

Our Grand Finale - Dessert For dessert, we ordered their tiramisu. They claimed it was #sortaclosetoitaly. Being a pastry chef, you know I will critique this. Presentation wise, it did not look the same as their facebook post. The pieces of cocoa flavored cereals as toppers in lieu of the powdered cocoa was very different for me. I tried one and I was not a big fan. The husband however, liked it a lot. Looking at it, I figured the five layers of sponge cake and very thin ladyfingers dipped in coffee in between may render it lacking in flavor that is specific to what makes tiramisu a tiramisu. So we dug in and voila, it was cloudlike and heavenly. It was however inconsistent throughout the cake. The flavor was good but since the consistency of the cake and mascarpone cream were almost the same, it lacked the element of texture. It was just too soft. Perhaps it needed to be chilled a little bit more. The upside is, I know that the cake was freshly made. And if it were to be a tiramisu mousse slash cheesecake, I’d rate it an 8. Like performances, desserts are important, it is supposedly your grand finale. people usually forget what their main course was, but they always remember the dessert. Gelato and Pasta Bar On the left side corner of the restaurant is gelato bar with scrumptious gelato which you can choose from for your dessert option. You can also purchase an assortment of fresh pasta in the other display case.

For our meal with no drinks, we spent a total of $44.92 including taxes. Not bad for a late afternoon lunch. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. If you're in town, visit Pastaria in Clayton Missouri. They are located at 7734 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, MO 63105 *My blogs are not paid advertisement but honest experiences from my point of view.

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