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Romancing the Runway 2016

Although this wasn’t my first time to attend Streetscape’s Romancing the Runway, it is however my first time to blog about it. Why? This year, there were no dead animals nor animal skin disguised as clothing or accessories parading the runway. There were also no fur being sold by the boutiques that evening.

The evening was just as fabulous as it should be. Although it was a bit awkward being dressed to the nines as you go in the airport through the baggage claim area seeing jetlagged passengers that just arrived and staring at you. But then again, I couldn’t care less. It was a night of fabulousity and an evening where beautiful people meet and greet.

The venue was jam packed, the DJ played really cool music, the lighting was mood changing, the food was good enough and plentiful to be dinner (no hunny, it wasn’t… haha), the attendees were appropriately dressed for the event, and just a lot of people who came to support their model friends, sponsors, designers and other people in fashion who just simply wanted to have a good evening.

Everything was perfect except for my Nikon camera that decided to have a tantrum and not take pictures at all that I missed the entire collection of Daniel Reyes. Aaargh! Really??? Of all days my camera decides to be a diva.

Although the models throwing out flower petals during a pose during Daniel Reyes’ segment was a Nasheli Juliana (Fashion Design Professor at Lindenwood) move, his collection was still a sight to behold.

Abigail's Closet

Paulie Gibson & Trang Nguyen

Turneraound & Wiki Wang

Romancing the Runway was a good year end show for us.  Thank you Streetscape for all the hard work!

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